19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (2024)


When was the last time you took a good look at your “Contact Us” page?

Are you still using the same WordPress contact form plugin you chose years ago?

Despite changing habits and new forms of interaction, the contact form is still a website staple.

Some people don’t want to call and don’t have time to wait for someone to answer live chat.

That’s where a contact form comes in. It’s simple, effective and provides one more method to contact you.

Even though they have been around forever, people still like using contact forms. That’s why we think they are essential on every website and why we still include forms on every contact page in our Starter Templates.

Take a moment to think about how your site has evolved over the years and whether your contact form is still living up to your expectations.

Does it still deliver the features and reliability you need? Does it include ReCaptcha or other anti-spam tools?

If you’re looking for a new contact form plugin, or you want to provide options to visitors, try one of these!

For example, I’ve been using Jetpack’s contact form for years. It was a simple, effective feature of the plugin when I was just starting out.

But as my website has grown, my needs have too.

I need a contact form that does more than accept simple messages.

So today we’re looking at 19 of the best WordPress contact form plugins to suit a wide range of needs.

Table Of Contents

  1. Why use a WordPress contact form?
  2. What to look for in a WordPress contact form plugin
  3. 19 best WordPress contact form plugins
  4. Which Contact Form Plugin Is Best for You?

No matter what kind of business you run, connecting with your customers always helps. Contact forms make it so much easier for the customers to communicate with you and can be placed anywhere on your website to help encourage that.

While this is a major advantage of a WordPress contact form, there are many more. Let’s have a look at all the reasons why you need a contact form in your WordPress website.

Improve UX

Contact forms help users reach out to you more easily. A website with a clear and easy to use contact form looks more professional and should encourage users to engage with you, which is usually the intent of the website.

Understand your audience

Since your audience can use a form to ask questions on your website, your contact form becomes an invaluable tool to understand them. You can design your products and marketing strategies based on those questions, which helps deliver what customers are asking for.

If the queries are repetitive, you can create new products, develop new systems or create the information that your customers need.

Grow your list

Contact forms can easily be integrated with email marketing tools. Those tools can help manage contacts and build your email lists. As long as you use opt-ins and permissions, this list is a ready-made pool of potential customers just waiting for you to contact them.

Reduce spam emails

Spammers and bots are constantly scraping websites for email addresses. Publishing your email address directly on the website can invite a lot of spam.

When you add a contact form in your website with proper security fences like bot verification or captcha, you get to avoid the majority of these spam bots so you can focus more on serving real customers.

Generate and qualify your leads

Contact forms are one of the best ways to generate leads. Through a contact form, the audience who are interested in the product or service that you offer get direct contact in an accessible way.

But that’s not all. You can also create multi page contact forms that ask for more information from the person making the inquiry.

Many contact forms allow you to add conditional logic to your forms. Meaning, you can customize the upcoming questions for your audience. Such functionality helps you qualify your leads as well as collect them.

Provide faster support

You can easily turn a contact form in your WordPress website into a support ticket form. That way, you can offer a quick way to sort and solve customer queries..

Faster support helps build confidence in what you offer and generates trust with your customers. Both of which can eventually lead to increased Lifetime Value (LTV).

What to look for in a WordPress contact form plugin

Before we look at some of the best contact form plugins, it’s important to know what features a quality contact form should have:

  • Drag and drop builder: A way to build forms visually by dragging and dropping different form elements. This removes the need for coding knowledge.
  • Responsive: You’ll need a contact form that adapts to different screen sizes such as mobile, tablets or computers.
  • Conditional logic: A function that lets you show or hide fields, sections and elements based on the selections a user makes.
  • Multi-page form support: This allows users to fill in forms section by section instead of one long form. This speeds up the process and makes it easier for people to use your forms.
  • Entry management: Manage and sort through entries submitted via your contact forms. Having everything in one place, optimizes workflow.
  • Accept payments: Allow users to make purchases or sign up to subscriptions all within your contact form.
  • Spam protection: Prevent unsolicited and unwanted emails.
  • File uploads: Allow users to include attachments with their message.
  • Email marketing integration: Connecting to services like Mailchimp and Aweber lets you provide the option for users to opt-in to receiving future communications.
  • Ease of use: The form that you build should be easy enough for customers to understand. The general UI should be easy to understand.
  • Pricing: A form plugin should not hurt your budget and the pricing should be reasonable enough to justify the features.
  • Documentation: The WordPress contact form should have a clear and descriptive documentation page to help you get the best out of it.
  • Support: If the documentation doesn’t help, it would help to have support on hand, whether from developers or the community.

When deciding on which plugin to use, think about the following questions:

  • Does the form have the type of fields you need?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is the plugin reliable and well maintained?
  • How many active installs are there?
  • How do WordPress users rate the plugin?

With these questions in mind, let’s jump in and look at the best contact form plugins available.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick summary of the best 18 WordPress contact form plugins.

PluginFeaturesFree Option?Price for Pro
WPFormsUser-friendly and Quick to Setup. Readymade Form Templates.$79 / Year
Gravity FormsOver 30+ Form Fields. Conditional Logic.$59 / Year
Jotform WordPress FormsConditional logic, save and continue option, multi-step forms, electronic signature support, and many more.$34 per month
HubSpot WordPress PluginEmail Marketing, Live Chat & Chatbots.N/A – 100% Free
Ultimate Addons for ElementorTotal customization. Honeypot protection and Google reCAPTCHA.$69 / Year
JetFormBuilderEmail Marketing, Advanced contact forms, Conditional logic.$39 / Year
Ninja FormsEntry management. Basic Email Marketing Integration.$99 / Year
Formidable FormsVisual Style. Repeater Fields.$149 / Year
Kali FormsMulti-page Forms. Predesigned Templates.$19 for 1 site
Fluent FormsDrag and drop functionality. 25+ Pre-built Templates.$59 / Year
FormstackPayment Processors. Conditional Logic.$19 / Month
Contact Form 7Multiple Forms. Shortcode to Embed Form.N/A – 100% Free
WufooOver 400 Templates. Easy Form Builder.$14.08 / Month
Visual Form BuilderEasy Drag and Drop Interface. Fully Compliant with GDPR.$29 for 1 Site
Jetpack FormsMultiple Contact Forms. User-Friendly Editor.N/A – 100% Free
Contact Form BuilderCustom HTML Between the Fields. Data Validation.$30 for 1 Domain
Form MakerSubmission Management. Payments Collection.$45 for 1 Domain
Happy FormsDashboard Analytics. Pop-up Form.$69 for 1 Site

1. WPForms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (1)

WPForms is a drag and drop form builder with 3+ million active installs. This plugin is full of features that are easy to get to grips with. It’s both a powerful yet user-friendly and quick to setup form builder that is quick to set up.

WPForms is a complete form builder that allows you to create almost any type of forms without typing any code. It is 100% responsive and will make your site look good on desktop, tablet, and mobile. WPForms has built-in smart captcha and honeypot that prevent spam.

The free version of this plugin, the WPForms Lite, offers the essential contact form tools like simple contact form, primary form fields, email notifications, a thank you page for form confirmation, honeypot protection and ReCaptcha fields for spam protection.

To begin with, you’re given 4 pre-built templates which are ideal if you need something quick and simple.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (2)

Other features included in the lite version of this contact form plugin include honeypot protection and ReCaptcha fields to help combat spam.

However, to get full functionality from WPForms, it’s best to try out their paid version.

The premium version gives you access to all types of forms, including surveys, user registration, post submissions, order forms, file upload forms, etc.

WPForms Pro includes:

  • This plugin provides a Conditional Logic function that lets you show or hide fields, sections and elements based on the users’ selections.
  • Creates a multi-page form that allows users to fill in forms section by section instead of single long-form.
  • Manage and sort through entries submitted by users through your contact forms.
  • Accepts payment, using your contact form, for purchases or sign up to subscriptions made by users.
  • Prevent unsolicited and unwanted or spam emails.
  • Let users upload their supporting documents as part of the file upload feature of this plugin.
  • You are connecting to Email Marketing Integration services like Mailchimp and Aweber to allow users to opt-in to receiving future communications from you.
  • There are available Form templates as quick-start in creating your contact forms.
  • Sends instant notifications to you once a user subscribes using your contact forms.
  • Create advanced forms like user registration from and more.


The WPForms pro plugin starts at $79 per year for one website and one year of updates.

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2. Gravity Forms – Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (3)

Gravity Forms is a visual WordPress contact form plugin with 20,000+ active installs, that has all the tools you need to build professional forms for your website. With quick and easy form-building options, it’s designed to save time and get you up and running in minutes.

This plugin comes with features like multi-page forms, and limited form entries and allows you to create posts from a form submission using unique Post Fields.

Gravity Forms plugin allows you to change the post type of the generated post without having to type a code.

Gravity Forms plugin supports file uploads and multi-page forms with unlimited entries. It uses conditional logic to show or hide form fields and lets you design your WordPress forms in real-time.

This forms plugin allows users to save their incomplete forms and continue at a later time. It also supports a full ticketing system.

Choose from over 30 fields for your form and move them around with the drag and drop builder. You can limit and schedule your forms to control how and when you capture data.

And with the calculations feature, you can perform advanced calculations on submitted field values.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (4)

If user-generated content is a large part of your site, this contact form plugin easily creates posts for you with front end forms.

Gravity Forms include:

  • A Conditional Logic function that lets you show or hide fields, sections and elements based on the users’ selections.
  • Creates multi-page Forms to make it easier for users to fill-up the form.
  • Has an Entry Management system to sort users’ entries in your contact form.
  • Accepts payments for subscriptions and purchases made by users.
  • Includes Spam Protection features to prevent unwanted emails.
  • Allows File Uploads for users to send supporting documents efficiently.
  • Supports Email Marketing Integration with email services like Mailchimp and Aweber to allow users to opt-in to receiving future communications from you.
  • User-friendly and mobile responsive design for mobile users.
  • Allows users to save and continue filling-up your forms which is more convenient to users and build more confidence and trust to your website for giving them leeway to think not pressuring your users to sign-up.
  • Comes with fast Email Autoresponders to make users feel that their concerns are attended to.


Gravity Forms is a premium plugin that starts at $59 per year for one website, core features and basic addons.

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3. Jotform WordPress Forms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (5)

Jotform is a powerful form builder with more than 20 million users around the world. It offers everything you need to create professional-looking forms in minutes with no coding.

Jotform’s WordPress plugin allows you to build engaging custom online forms and embed them easily into your website.

Jotform has an intuitive drag and drop form builder that is extremely user-friendly and offers powerful form fields. Its features include conditional logic, save and continue option, multi-step forms, electronic signature support, and many more.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (6)

Jotform also offers many automation features that save valuable time. You can create a contact form for your business that instantly syncs with new leads and contacts into various CRM databases.

You can use one of the many free form templates Jotform offers so that you don’t have to build your WordPress form from scratch. Just browse the template directory to find the contact form that fits your needs and customize it to fit your website and workflow.

Jotform includes:

  • Embed codes that allow you to embed your forms into any webpage without coding.
  • Conditional logic that allows you to make your forms smarter.
  • Save and continue later option.
  • Mobile responsive design for mobile users which also offers offline data collection.
  • Automated emails and notifications.
  • Integrations with email marketing tools and project management software, CRMs, and cloud storage apps.
  • 10,000 readymade form templates so you don’t have to create your form from scratch.
  • Electronic signature that allows you to collect signatures from any device.
  • Seamless online payment collection directly through your form.


Jotform offers a free plan with all the features included, there is only a limit to the number of documents you can create. There are three different paid plans starting from $34 per month.

4. HubSpot WordPress Plugin – Free

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (7)

HubSpot’s free WordPress plugin makes it easier to grow your business by helping you attract, engage, and delight all of your contacts and customers. It brings powerful, easy-to-use contact management, email marketing, ads management, live chat & bots, forms, analytics, and much more to WordPress.

HubSpot allows you to connect HubSpot CRM with WordPress so you can easily organise and segment your contacts into lists. This plugin provides you with a lead generation dashboard, lead capture tools, slide-ins, exit-intent forms, a static form builder, a contact database, and lead insights for the first seven days of website activity after lead capture.

Among other features, HubSpot’s WordPress plugin has an array of functions including a robust contact form creation tool. The drag-and-drop form builder is easy to use and the plugin allows for easy access to all of HubSpot’s other marketing tools and CRM, meaning you can easily track contact form submissions and build email lists to keep your users and visitors engaged.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (8)

HubSpot WordPress Plugin includes:

  • It’s a Free-forever CRM (unlimited contacts) & Contact Management tool.
  • An efficient Email Marketing tool that is free for up to 2000 emails sent/mo.
  • Comes with Live Chat for more interactive client service & responsive Chatbots to instantly assist your clients’ concerns.
  • Comes with lead capture tools like popups, slide-ins, and exit intent forms, a static form builder, etc.
  • With built-in analytics dashboards to measure your business growth in real-time with.
  • Performs seamless integration with over 400 apps, including Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, and more.


HubSpot WordPress is a free plugin.

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5.Ultimate Addons for Elementor– Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (9)

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a top-notch addon built with passion by Brainstorm Force to enhance the possibilities of Elementor Website Builder. Brainstorm Force is the pioneers of page builder addons and the same team that created the Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (47K+ users) and the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (15K+ users).

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a growing library of genuinely creative and unique Elementor widgets including User Registration Form widget that open a whole new range of design possibilities for you.

The User Registration Form widget allows you to build custom forms and take control of its appearance. Everything on the form is customizable, including the ability to add more fields.

Advanced form actions enable you to redirect, send an email or even hide the form after a user registers.

And because all forms are 100% mobile responsive they’ll look great across all devices.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (10)

To fight spammers and fake registrations, Ultimate Addons uses Honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA.

Your forms are also built using a different registration link than the default WordPress link spammers regularly target.

Full features include:

  • You can build custom registration forms that fit your website.
  • It’s easy to design drag and drop page builder best for beginners and professionals who want to see the look and feel of their website as they create it.
  • You can customize everything from fields to color and styling, giving you freedom on how you want your contact forms to look like.
  • The paid version adds more fields than the default options giving you more flexibility and design ideas for your WordPress website.
  • It provides advanced form actions to redirect, send an email or even hide the form after a user registers.
  • It comes with spam protection features to prevent unwanted emails.
  • It grants you access to a growing library of Elementor widgets that can further improve your website.
  • Page developers can also do white labelling of this plugin to include it to your branding.
  • It comes with WooCommerce widgets perfect for your eCommerce website.
  • It gives you unlimited website usage, good value for money option.
  • It is also translation ready, so you can have multilingual contact forms and attract international visitors to sign-up for your site.
  • You’ll be backed-up with professional support from WordPress experts with extensive training on website development and more.
  • It is included in Astra Pro addon with the Business Toolkit so you can get more of Astra’s best products perfect for your website.


Ultimate Addons for Elementor starts at $49€45annually.

6. JetFormBuilder – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (11)

Improve your WordPress journey by exploring the efficiency of JetFormBuilder. This practical tool seamlessly integrates into your WordPress editor environment, offering an intuitive interface designed for users of all levels.

Create basic and advanced contact forms effortlessly with its diverse array of 24 dynamic blocks, ensuring a hassle-free experience whether you’re a novice or an experienced user.

JetFormBuilder doesn’t just simplify; it empowers. Utilize features like conditional logic to customize forms based on user input, or jumpstart your contact form creation with pre-designed form patterns for common WordPress form structures.

Experience the efficiency, security, and versatility that JetFormBuilder brings to WordPress contact form creation. Take the leap and see how JetFormBuilder can transform your approach to building dynamic forms. It’s not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for a more streamlined and user-friendly WordPress experience. Try JetFormBuilder today and witness the difference it can make in simplifying your contact form development process.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (12)

JetFormBuilder Pro addons elevate form-building capabilities to new heights. Boasting a diverse range of features, these addons ensure a seamless and powerful user experience.

JetFormBuilder Pro include:

  • Hierarchical Select: organize and structure user interactions for a more intuitive experience.
  • Save Form Progress aAuto-save form progress and inputted data to prevent loss during interruptions.
  • Schedule Forms– set form availability time frames with this supplementary plugin.
  • Email marketing integrations with MailPoet, ConverKit, MailerLite, Moosend, etc.
  • PayPal Recurring Payments – enable subscription creation and recurring payments via PayPal.
  • Seamlessly integrate forms with the Stripe payment system.
  • Integrate Gutenberg-built forms with WooCommerce checkout to optimize e-commerce processes by connecting forms with the Woo system.


JetFormBuilder WordPress plugin is Free, while additional Pro addons plans start at $39 per year for a single site.

7. Ninja Forms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (13)

Ninja Forms is more than just a simple WordPress contact form plugin.

Ninja Forms plugin helps you create pro-like beautiful and user-friendly WordPress forms. Not only are the essential, core functions free to use, you’re also able to use it for subscription forms and any other form type you can think of. It has 1+ million active installs and 100% beginner-friendly.

Ninja Forms does not require any coding skills and helps you design beautiful, complex forms using drag and drop fields.

Ninja Forms comes with 40+ add-ons to include conditional logic, multi-part forms, front-end posting, file uploads, layouts, and styles. It allows you to hook-up to services like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber, etc. Clients can also pay directly through your forms using PayPal Express and other payment systems.

The base plugin for Ninja Forms can be downloaded for free from the official WordPress repository and can be installed on as many sites as you like. The premium version of Ninja Forms plugin allows you to connect with Campaign Monitor, Freshbooks, Salesforce, SMS notifications, etc.

Entry management, basic email marketing integration and spam protection are also included for free. And the drag and drop form builder is a delight to use.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (14)

The addons for Ninja Forms is where the functionality really shines through. With over 40 extensions for the likes of Slack, Zapier, and Trello, you can stay productive and organized.

More premium features include:

  • Comes with Conditional Logic function that lets you show or hide fields, sections and elements based on the selections a user makes.
  • It Creates a Multi-Page Form that allows users to fill in forms section by section instead of one long-form. This makes the process faster and it’s easier for people to use your forms.
  • It has Payment Acceptance features that let users directly pay for their purchases and subscriptions on you contact forms.
  • Users can easily upload their files as supporting documents or as reference.
  • Provides for Email Marketing Integration to contact your visitors after their transaction with your website.
  • Includes Front-end Posting addon for users to see their post in real-time.
  • It allows multi-column layouts and styles to create a more detailed design for your WordPress website.
  • It includes a User Analytics tool to get better data on where your form traffic is coming from with every submission. You can use 12+ analytics fields, including UTM values, URL referrer, geodata, etc.


The standard version of Ninja Forms is Free, while premium plans start at $99 per year for a single site.

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8. Formidable Forms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (15)

Formidable Forms plugin is one of the most advanced WordPress forms plugin. It has 200,000+ active installs with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. With this plugin, you can easily create contact forms, polls and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms, etc.

The focus of the Formidable Forms plugin is on building solution-focused forms to help you get more done in less time.

Formidable goes beyond simple form creation, allowing you to create complex forms for quizzes, payments, registration and more.

You can use repeater fields to collect several sets of data like work history and events. Dynamic fields automatically populate form fields with saved data and user meta information.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (16)

If you’re in need of a GDPR compliant form, Formidable has you covered for this too. Simply turn off IP tracking, the save form submissions feature or insert a checkbox into your form to collect user consent.

There’s a good deal of functionality included in the free version of Formidable Forms. Those features can be enhanced further with the premium version or add-ons.

Further features include:

  • It’s a Drag & Drop Builder that lets you visually build forms by dragging and dropping different form elements.
  • It comes with the Conditional Logic feature that lets you show and hide elements of your contact forms based on users preferences.
  • You can create beautifully designed Multi-Page Forms for a more convenient way of filling-up your contact forms.
  • It allows you to manage and sort user entries from your WordPress site.
  • It comes with the Payment Acceptance feature to instantly receive payments from users through your contact forms.
  • It protects your website from spam and unsolicited emails.
  • It lets users upload files while filling-up your forms.
  • It supports Email Marketing Integration with email services like Mailchimp and Aweber to allow users to opt-in to receiving future communications from you.
  • You can create a Quiz Maker form that allows you to write your quiz form questions, submit an entry as the quiz key, and publish the quiz on a page.
  • You can create Calculator Forms where you can make basic and complex calculations, and even combine text from multiple fields. Your visitors can use the price calculator for easy quotes and price estimates.
  • It comes with a built-in survey and poll feature, so you can quickly create powerful surveys and see beautiful reports.
  • You can place Cascading Dropdowns to your forms to make it easier to fill-up, and you can get the accurate categories for each form field.
  • You can also create schedule forms perfect for events registration and sign up, which requires a specific date or limit to be filled-up.
  • It is perfect not only for desktops users but also for mobile-friendly.


The pricing for Formidable Forms starts at $149 per year for a single site and one year of updates.

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9. KaliForms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (17)

KaliForms is an easy to use WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to build forms in a matter of minutes. Contact forms are easy to create using the drag and drop form builder. KaliForms lets you use pre designed templates to instantly create contact forms you need for your website, instead of starting from scratch.

With this plugin, adding forms to your website becomes really easy. You can now easily add any forms to your website, from just simple contact forms to more complex forms like review form, surveys form, feedback forms, etc.

Because KaliForms is built on React, performance issues shouldn’t be a problem. All forms are also 100% mobile responsive.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (18)

A combination of Google’s ReCaptcha and spam honeypot system helps protect you from unwanted spam messages. And connecting to third-party services is achieved through API.

This is all included in KaliForms Free plugin.

Additional features unlocked through the pro version includes:

  • The Multi-Page Forms feature of this plugin can be used to easily group fields in separate pages for a better submission process for your users.
  • You don’t need to spend hours designing your contact forms. You can use more than dozens of Pre-Designed Templates to quick-start your contact forms for your website without any coding.
  • This plugin uses the Conditional Logic tool to hide or show parts of your form fields depending on the entries of your clients.
  • You can send email notifications to your subscribers once they sign-up to your contact forms.
  • Users can easily upload their files and photos as attachments using your contact forms.
  • It provides advanced form actions to redirect, send an email or even hide the form after a user registers.
  • It has a powerful Submissions Handling feature that manages the entries of your clients and protects your website from spam or unsolicited submissions.
  • It allows payment options including PayPal and Wire Transfer.


The premium version of Kali Forms starts at $19 for 1 site.

Get Started with Kali Forms

10. Fluent Forms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (19)

Fluent Forms is full of advanced features and a beginner-friendly layout to get you started, even if you don’t know how to code.

It’s a feature rich contact form plugin that uses drag and drop functionality to build forms. Just select one of the 45+ input fields and it will be added to your form. It takes just minutes to build forms this way.

The free version of Fluent Forms includes 25+ pre-built templates along with conditional logic, custom CSS, spam protection, Mailchimp and FluentCRM integration.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (20)

When you upgrade to Fluent Forms Pro, you gain access to tons of exciting features to help you grow your business. You can collect payments, allow file and image uploads, connect with email marketing software and use all the pre-made templates.

Fluent Forms Pro includes:

  • Fluent Conversational Forms offers a Typeform alternative in WordPress.
  • Multi-page forms to break long forms into shorter ones that can positively impact conversion.
  • The file and image upload option allows users to attach documents within a form.
  • Create surveys, polls, and quizzes using essential fields like checkboxes, multiple choices, radio, ratings, and more.
  • A custom submit button can bring a positive impact on your form.
  • Add repeatable fields while filling out a form.
  • Signature addon available to collect signatures on digital documents.
  • With the front-end post creation feature, people can submit blog posts without being registered to your website.
  • Fluent Forms is not just for making contact forms. If you want to activate user registration to your website, you can do that with this form plugin.
  • Payment is a crucial feature for any form builder, and Fluent Forms comes with Stripe and PayPal along with an offline payment method.
  • Fluent Forms has 30+ native integrations that include marketing, SMS notification, productivity, communication, and so on.


The annual price for a single site license costs $59 with one year of update and support. All integrations except Signature Addon come with all package variations.

Get Started with Fluent Forms

11. Formstack – Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (21)

While Formstack isn’t primarily a WordPress contact form plugin, it does have it’s own plugin to allow you to integrate the online form builder with your WordPress website.

Formstack is a flexible online form builder that helps users without coding knowledge to create and design web forms. It allows you to embed forms on your website and social media to capture leads, collect online payments, gather customer feedback, and turn cumbersome business processes into streamlined digital workflows.

This contact form solution aims to shake-up how you collect data, leading to a more streamlined and productive workflow.

You can create professional-looking forms with the drag and drop form builder. For a better mobile experience, choose to display one form question at a time.

A/B testing lets you compare the performance of two forms against each other. While field validation ensures you get the right information the first time.

Even more great features include:

  • This plugin has a Conditional Logic addon that shows or hides some aspects like buttons, fields, or form sections, based on users’ selections.
  • It creates multi-page forms for users to focus on filling-up your forms field one at a time.
  • You can manage and sort entries on your contact forms with its Entry Management addon.
  • It also accepts payments made by users during its purchase or subscription to your website using your contact form.
  • You don’t have to worry about unsolicited emails. This plugin comes with the Spam Protection feature to make sure that only legitimate emails are coming your way.
  • To further understand your clients’ behavior, this plugin comes with an Analytics addon that provides you with relevant information about your visitors’ interests based on their behavior while browsing your website.
  • Suppose you want to reach out for your customers after they visit your website. In that case, this plugin has an Email Marketing Integration feature that lets you send marketing and promotional messages via email to your clients.
  • You can also personalize your email based on the interest of your clients with the Email Logic feature of this plugin.
  • Sometimes, users are in a hurry or undecided yet whether to continue signing-up to your contact forms or not. This plugin allows for Partial Submission of your contact forms, and they can continue filling-up the form later.
  • You can use the UTM Tracking feature of this plugin to monitor the performance of your website.


The pricing for Formstack starts at $19 per month for one user and 5 forms.

Get Started with Formstack

12. Contact Form 7 – Free

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (22)

Any list of WordPress contact form plugins isn’t complete without including Contact Form 7. It is one of the most widely used free contact plugins for unlimited WordPress websites. This plugin provides a basic yet stable and reliable basic contact form.

One of the most widely used contact plugins, it’s free to use on as many WordPress websites as you’d like.

The core features of this plugin are limited to basic functionality. You can easily create simple contact forms and embed them using a shortcode onto any page of your site.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (23)

It integrates with Constant Contact by default. And for spam protection, it works well with CAPTCHA and Akismet. But aside from being totally free, the best part of this plugin is its support. It has informative documentation, FAQ, support forum, and a full website.

To get more functionality from Contact Form 7, there is a range of addons that will add features like:

  • It has a Drag & Drop Builder feature for you to quickly set-up your contact forms without making any codes.
  • It comes with the Conditional Logic feature that hides or shows relevant form fields depending on the input of the users to your contact form.
  • It allows users to fill-up your form portion-by-portion with its Multi-Page Forms feature.
  • You can manage and sort the information coming to your contact forms with the Entry Management feature of this plugin.
  • You can also accept payments using your contact forms with the Payment Acceptance feature.
  • It allows you to send marketing materials to your clients via email with the Email Integration feature.
  • It ensures that unsolicited emails won’t come to your website with the better Spam Protection addon.
  • It has a built-in pop-up message functionality with wise triggers for marketing needs.
  • You can also have the useful Cost Calculators to increase your users’ satisfaction with your products and services, and your contact form.


Contact Form 7 is free to download and install. Many of the additional plugins that enhance the core features are also free, while some of the more sophisticated ones have a small fee.

13. Wufoo – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (24)

Wufoo forms is a form builder that’s independent of any platform. Yet it allows you to publish forms on any website including WordPress, so it warrants a mention in this list.

Wufoo is an online form builder with lots of pre-designed templates for creating forms like metrics reporting, and payment integrations for processing credit card payments.

This plugin allows you to easily collect data, files, RSVPs, payments and more using your contact forms. The form designer helps you create more than just contact forms. You can build invitations, registration forms and much more. The forms are fully customizable which you can quickly embed on your website, or share out using a direct link. It is trusted by millions of users, and big companies such as Amazon & Disney.

There are over 400 templates to choose from and with the award-winning drag and drop form builder, you can create forms in minutes.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (25)

Online stores can collect payments by integrating with one of their popular payment providers. Wufoo also allows you to collect almost all file types through your form. You can even access those files from within your account.

Some of their excellent features include:

  • The Form Rules feature allows you to send notification emails to different people based on a particular field choice.
  • The Google Analytics tracking feature makes your website known by Google Analytics and tracks your site easily. Google Analytics will only track web pages that contain Javascript snippets called Google Analytics tracking code.
  • This plugin allows you to customize your Confirmation Pages.
  • All the data is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption before it reaches the servers.
  • This plugin includes a Password Protection feature.
  • You can use the Field Validation feature of this plugin to prevent erroneous data like misspelt addresses or incorrect phone numbers format.
  • You can use the REST API feature of this plugin to share data between two or more systems easily.
  • You can use the Social Sharing feature to allow users to share your contact forms to the different social media platforms.
  • When sending feedback to your clients, you can customize your reply using the Custom Response feature of this plugin.
  • You can create multiple integrations for the same product with the Multiple Integration feature of this plugin.
  • You can also export the data from your form entries while keeping their connection to the users who submitted it.


Wufoo has a free version with limited usage. Premium pricing starts at $14.08 per month billed annually for 1 form and 10 users

Get Started with Wufoo

14. Visual Form Builder – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (26)

Visual Form Builder is a largely free WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to create and control all kinds of forms for your website in one place. This plugin has an option to purchase addons separately or as part of a subscription plan.

With this plugin, you can customize the confirmation message and get notified for each confirmation done. All the entries in this contact form plugin are GDPR compliant. It includes advanced filtering in the entries and supports shortcodes for any post creation.

Creating your forms and managing them is easy with the drag and drop interface. There are a variety of form fields to customize your form and the email designer lets you fully customize the look of the emails sent.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (27)

All form submissions are saved in the database so you can easily manage them. With conditional logic, you can create dynamic forms based on the rules you create.

Visual Form Builder is fully responsive, so it will adjust to any screen size. And the Pro version is fully compliant with GDPR.

Further features include:

  • This plugin comes with Automatic Validation feature that makes it easy to ensure that your visitors enter the correct information into each form field.
  • This plugin allows users to upload files in your contact forms.
  • You can easily migrate data entries from you contact forms with its Data Migration feature.
  • You can make Scheduling forms for events that require limited time to register, or business stores that have limited stocks to offer.
  • It has a GPLv2 License that guarantees end-users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software.
  • You can include Bulk Add Options to your contact forms to make it easy for your clients to add several selections to your form all at the same time, instead of creating each selection individually.
  • The Scheduling form feature of this plugin is perfect for events, ticketing and other types of website that offers registration, subscriptions, or sales at a given or limited time only.
  • You can use the Entry Limiter add-on to limit the times the same value can be submitted to a field or the total number of times a form can be submitted.
  • You can also use Autoresponder to cater to your customers immediately once they sign-up for your contact forms.
  • This plugin also has a Payment Processing feature perfect for eCommerce websites, ticketing and more.


Premium pricing for Visual Form Builder starts at $29 for 1 site with add-ons purchased separately.

Get Started with Visual Form Builder

15. Jetpack Forms – Free

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (28)

Jetpack is a popular plugin that’s widely used across millions of WordPress sites. And while many developers have a love-hate relationship with it, its free WordPress contact form is a solid feature.

Jetpack Forms is a popular feature offered by Jetpack. For Jetpack users, you can easily create a contact form by activating the contact form module. This Form plugin is most suitable for websites who are already using the Jetpack modules. For non-Jetpack users, it is not practical to install such a large plugin just to create a simple contact form.

Multiple contact forms can be made using Jetpack and they can be displayed anywhere on your site.

It takes your WordPress email settings to notify you when a form is submitted. You can also drag, drop and organise form fields in the user-friendly editor.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (29)

Spam is filtered using Akismet and you can customise the form response messages users will see after submitting their message.

Jetpack lacks many of the more advanced features of other WordPress contact form plugins, such as conditional logic, file uploads, and payments.

Yet, for simple contact form building, it works wonderfully well with the following Features:

  • Jetpack is a free plugin trusted by many WordPress users for their websites. It is lightweight and does not affect your site speed nor create conflict with other plugins.
  • It has an easy-access, one-click “form insert” button that lets you add a contact form in less than a minute.
  • You can customize your email notifications to send personalized emails to the email address of your choice.
  • You can adjust all form settings, including subject field, form fields, email address, etc., right in your post or page editor.
  • This plugin integrates with Akismet for spam filtering which scans every form submission from your contact form.
  • It’s a very user-friendly plugin perfect for smaller businesses and blogs that only need the simplest form.


The Jetpack plugin allows you to use the contact form feature for free.

16. Contact Form Builder – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (30)

Contact Form Builder is a simple contact plugin that comes with a variety of themes and templates pre-built for use where you can rearrange fields, customize the labels, attributes and dimensions. It’s an intuitive tool for creating contact forms. From a design perspective, you can customize the CSS to get your form to look like a seamless part of your WordPress theme.

This plugin creates a well-organized and elegant contact form in just a few clicks. You can also copy the forms to create multiple contact forms for different types of pages and posts.

This contact form builder requires no coding skills, even when creating more complex forms. You can add unlimited fields including date and time to email and password. It also allows for integration with Google Maps.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (31)

You can make many forms with this form builder including feedback forms and surveys. With Google Maps integration, it’s easy to display a brick and mortar location. This is useful for businesses with a physical location.

For limiting spam messages, Captcha and ReCaptcha can be implemented easily.

More features include:

  • This plugin allows you to customize the HTML Between Fields of your contact form.
  • It has a beautiful pagination feature that adds a more professional look to your website.
  • It allows you to create section breaks to your contact forms to make it easier for customers to fill-up your forms.
  • You can customize your email messages for admins and users.
  • The Conditional Logic features allow you to hide or show a certain portion of your contact form depending on the entries of your clients.
  • It has a Data Validation feature that ensures accurate information is provided by your clients.
  • It also has a Detailed Field Parameters feature.
  • Users can also upload their files using your contact forms.
  • It integrates with payment services such as Stripe and Paypal.
  • You can send marketing emails to your users via MailChimp Integration.
  • You can also add a Calculator addon to your WordPress site to aid customers to perform calculations during sign-up.


Contact Form Builder pricing starts at $30 for 1 domain and access to 6 months of updates.

17. Form Maker – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (32)

Form Maker is a highly customizable, mobile-friendly and responsive plugin for generating different kinds of forms. You can create simple forms as well as multi-part forms for surveys, questionnaires, applications and registrations. It is a drag and drop plugin that is well-equipped, economical and completely responsive to boot.

This plugin allows you to adjust every aspect of the forms including design, dimensions, colors, themes, fonts, etc. The theme CSS of this plugin is open for editing, and you can make additional changes to the forms’ layout design. It also includes various pre-installed forms that you can use and save for later use.

Complex forms can be designed quickly and there are numerous form fields available in Form Maker plugin best for creating forms such as text input fields for name, password, address, email, contact number, etc. It also includes time and date field, checkbox field, custom select and country select field, Captcha/ ReCaptcha field, Map, etc.

There are a number of ready-made templates to get you started with building your form. And forms can be displayed as scroll boxes, pop-ups and topbars alongside a more traditional form.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (33)

With submission management, you can track and export all your entries.

Conditional logic provides advanced control over your forms and file uploads allow users to submit documents via your forms.

With integrations you can unlock these features:

  • This plugin uses Push Notifications to allow the delivery of customized messages from an app to a mobile device or desktop computer without requiring a specific request from the app.
  • It provides for Email Marketing Integration allowing you to send promotional marketing emails to your clients after their transaction with your website.
  • It gives you more space capacity for larger files using the Dropbox and Google Drive Storage.
  • Stripe Payments feature lets you accept international credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets for your transactions. It also supports international cards, currency conversion, support for dozens of payment methods, 3D secure authentication, and many more.
  • It includes a Calculator tool that allows your users to do some computations while using your contact forms.
  • And it creates Multi-page forms so that users can fill-up your contact forms portion-by-portion and not get overwhelmed by the very long single-page form fields.


The basic functionality of Form Maker requires no cost at all. But for advanced functionality, prices start at $45 for 1 domain.

Get Started with Form Maker

18. Happy Forms – Free and Paid

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (34)

Happy Forms is a great WordPress contact form plugin created by The Theme Foundry team.

It is a newcomer in the form plugin arena but is completely built in the WordPress Customizer. You can also build forms using the native WordPress customizer.

HappyForms is a super lightweight, drag and drop form builder for creating contact forms, lead generation forms, feedback forms, quote forms, survey forms, etc. HappyForms is optimized to facilitate and improve your conversation with your website visitors. You can start more engaging conversations with you website audience using your contact forms.

HappyForms managed to balance between being simple and having powerful features. HappyForms is less complex compared to other forms plugins available in the market.

One of the standout features is its Gutenberg ready drag and drop form builder.

Working seamlessly with WordPress’s Gutenberg Editor, creating a form is a simple experience. What’s even better is you can preview your forms as you build them. It provides a user-friendly visual form builder that automatically adds the fields you choose just by simply clicking on the fields. You can review confirmation messages, customize form styles, save your form, and insert into your posts, pages, and widget areas.

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (35)

Forms can be added to almost any part of your website. And to make things easier, multiple forms can be used on the same page.

You can create multi-column layouts with a single click. Regarding user data, it includes GDPR and 508 compliant forms.

Other important features include:

  • The Easy Form Duplication feature allows you to duplicate an existing contribution form, or create a new form based on you existing form design.
  • It creates 100% Mobile Responsive forms for users who are always on mobile devices.
  • It prompts users for Submission Confirmation Messages to ensure and validate that their entries are correct.
  • It adds Multiple Form Parts to the page for a more user-friendly effect.
  • Users can upload files and attachments on your contact forms as supporting documents.
  • It has a strong Password Protection feature to keep your clients’ accounts secure.
  • It comes with a built-in Analytics Dashboard so you can easily track and analyze the behaviour of your clients and create better and targeted marketing strategies in the future.
  • It has a ReCaptcha Integration feature to protect your contact forms from spam entries.
  • It connects to email services like Mailchimp that encourages users to opt-in to receiving future communications from you.
  • It integrates with Stripe payment services for easier payment transactions.


There is a free version of Happy Forms that includes solid functionality.

Features like stripe payments and Mailchimp integration requires upgrading to a paid version. Prices start at $69 for 1 website and 1 year of updates.

Get Started with Happy Forms

19. Paperform

19 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (2024 Update) (36)

In the crowded market of more than 1,600+ WordPress contact form plugins, Paperform stands out as a powerful alternative offering an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Say goodbye to clumsy drag and drop builders, HTML coding, and complicated setup for basic tasks. Paperform’s free-text editor allows you to type anywhere to add questions, text, videos, images, and even GIFs, ensuring that your contact forms reflect your unique brand.

Best of all, Paperform provides full access to all its tools within the WordPress plugin, without compromising functionality with a ‘lite’ version.

Build your form as you usually would, then seamlessly integrate it into your WordPress site. If you’re looking for a truly innovative contact form plugin, Paperform is the answer.

Paperform includes:

  • Flexible form builder able to create many types of forms
  • Can handle everything from calculations to bookings
  • Supports eSignatures for document signing
  • Works with payment gateways so you can accept payments
  • Integrates with Slack, Mailchimp and other popular platforms


Paperform has 3 premium plans that start at $20 per month up to $135 per month.

Which Contact Form Plugin Is Best for You?

All of the WordPress contact form plugins I’ve covered above have a range of features to suit many different needs.

When deciding which contact form builder is the right choice for you, it’s important to look at the features that suit what you require.

Here’s a quick rundown to help you out:

Which Is the Best Plugin for a Free Solution?

If you’re looking for a simple, straight-forward contact form that doesn’t cost a thing, Jetpack Forms and Contact Form 7 will do everything you’re looking for, without any extra bells and whistles. These plugins are free and offer a lot of features that can boost your website.

Which Plugin Offers More Form Templates?

For a contact form plugin that covers more complex form options and with additional features like Conditional Logic and File uploads, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Formidable Forms are all great options. HubSpot can be a good option too since it comes with great features for free.

Which Is Easy To Use and Build Forms?

If you don’t want to start from scratch and spend time designing your contact forms and start immediately, WPForms, Wufoo and KaliFormss are your go-to plugin for contact forms that are easy to use and build. With dozens of pre-designed templates and visual drag and drop features, you can create your contact forms in just a few clicks.

Which Is the Best Value for Money Plugin?

If you don’t want to spend your money to build just a simple contact form but want to get some extra, the Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin gives you access to a growing library of genuinely creative and unique Elementor widgets including User Registration Form widget that opens a whole new range of design possibilities for you.

You can also do white labelling, it comes with WooCommerce widgets, and the best thing is, you can use it for an unlimited number of websites.And if you’re looking for the ideal WordPress Theme pair with your chosen Contact form, check out the Astra theme. It’s packed full of customization options and works well with the majority of these plugins.

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